North end Skyway Bridge

Welcome to my photo galleries.

I am an amateur photographer that has taken a hobby into a more serious level. I really enjoy outdoor photography such as: nature, beach, landscape and wildlife. I also enjoy food photography and of course macro (close-up) photography. I also enjoy black and white so you will find many of the same colored photos in b/w. I try to do as little photo editing as possible to really show the true colors from my camera's point of view. 

I live in Saint Petersburg, FL so I have an abundance of beach access therefore you will notice most of my photos are of Florida which is a great state for photography. We may not have mountains but we have thousands of beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets/sunrises.

So please, welcome and enjoy my work as there will be many more updates in my future and please, help support my work in purchasing a awesome photo for your home and tell your friends about me too.

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Thank you so much,

Frank Castillo (Ocio Del Sol Photography)